torstai 19. heinäkuuta 2012

Day 2 & 3: Doomed drumming and Boomed bass!

Day 2:

First mission accomplished, drums completed, Jallu was drunk.
So concludes this accurate drumming session with Aleksi.
Here is some footage from a unreleased song from the album, work titled:
"Bonged" ;)

Day 3,

Now it´s time for the low frequency tunes ala Fredde "Reijo one-take" Sjöblom.
And yes, all bass tracks were produced in two hours - the way it should be.
A excellent job from Fredde, once again!

After a excellent "one-take" bass recordings we chilled out in the terass, had few beers, Jameson and Sauna. Also our trustfull camera man sang us some nice tones.

 Tomorrow it`s time for some guitar masturbating so stay hard, dirty and be a hippie!


P.S. Maybe there is going to be some ukulele parts in the album too?

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